KJC Mission

At KJC our mission is to introduce new technologies and develop China’s leading brand of automotive maintenance equipment. Since the beginning, KJC has made product quality, business integrity and exemplary customer service their number one priority. Never satisfied, KJC is constantly adding new leading edge technology and striving to improve customer service. KJC’s dedication to innovative new technology is directed at increasing our customer’s productivity and profitability.

Company Culture

KJC constantly develops industry leading innovative technology that is designed to achieve our corporate mission of optimizing our customers productivity and profitability

Interpretation of company culture:

1. The development and implementation of new products requires the continuous integration of enhanced technology. The improvement of enterprise management within KJC requires the constant utilization of sound scientific methods.

2. Every KJC employee is encouraged to be sincere, responsible and a team player while carrying out their daily responsibilities.

3. KJC employees must value their customers loyalty and always demonstrate nothing less than 100% enthusiasm and sincerity. Their goal must be to provide our customers with the industries best performing automotive maintenance equipment that lasts longer and provides better value than competitive products.   

4. KJC and their employees must except that our industry is being impacted by the constant introduction of new technology. KJC employees are an important part of our future success. The success of our company depends on everyone working with energy and enthusiasm. The KJC team must understand both our opportunities and challenges. Their energy and positive attitude is essential if the company is to succeed and grow.

5, Every employee must embrace our company goals as their own. KJC expects every team member to give their very best effort at all times. It is imperative that everyone focus on their job responsibilities and remain focused and positive about our future. KJC’s success and future growth depends on every employee accepting their responsibilities and working in good faith to solve problems and identify deficiencies. KJC’s future success will be a team effort that will require everyone doing their best and remaining focused on our goals and objectives.